Reviews – 07.11.09

I was very hesitant to order something so valuable online. After quite a few chats with the Primestyle customer service department and shopping around at a few local stores and finding absolutely nothing that was comparable, I decided that I’d place my order, as I was told by the local jewellery stores that if the price of the bridal ring set, I wanted was that low and the quality was as good as was stated on the website, they’d start purchasing from Primestyle. Also, what was there to loose, they have a reasonable return policy so, I went to order my ring set, but the price had changed.  I contacted Primestyle customer service once again, I spoke to a few people that gave me a few different answers as to why the price changed and what they were able to do for me.  I got a little frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor, who wasn’t available that day.  A day later, the supervisor, David, called me back.  Due to the exchange rates the price had changed and he was able to give me the price that I had originally was going to pay, no questions asked. I was still a little leery of the whole ordering my engagement ring online, until I received it.  It was beautiful, it arrived well before the 9 business days that David had told me, and the appraisal I had done with a local appraiser was right on target with the Primestyle appraisal, that was sent to me a week after receiving my rings.  I couldn’t be happier with my Primestyle experience from the customer service, shipping/delivery and how absolutely stunning my rings are, I can’t wait to make my next purchase through Primestyle.

Lindsey Stricker

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